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We offer commercial fleet auto insurance in AL,AR,FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MS,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN and VA (888) 287-3449.

Rather than insure all of your business vehicles individually, you can use our commercial fleet auto insurance to cover them all at the same time on one master policy. This fleet policy in turn saves your company money, time and energy. We will be progressive in seeking the best quotes for your company.

Our fleet insurance brokers will compare the market with various fleet insurance underwriters for your company vehicles and keep you up to speed on our progress.  We will custom design coverage and rates to fit your fleets needs. We even have plans for Public Livery Insurance and high risk fleet customers may also go ahead and get some help now.

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Be Progressive and Submit our easy Fleet Trucking Insurance, Public Livery, Airport Shuttle, Amazon Haulers, or other business auto fleet help request form now for fast results. From NEMT Fleets to Big Rig Trucking Fleets to parcel deliveries services ‘We have You Covered”


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Or you could download our commercial fleet auto and truck insurance quote form and get started right now. If you have up to 18 vehicles use this fleet insurance quote form or just call us at (888) 287-3449.


We offer high quality Commercial Progressive Fleet Delivery Van insurance in AL,AR,FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MS,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN & VA (888) 287-3449.
We offer high quality Progressive Commercial Fleet Delivery Van insurance in AL,AR,FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MS,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN & VA (888) 287-3449.

We have the skills and insurance companies to properly insure and service your commercial fleet. We insure small fleets, medium fleets and some large fleets.

Our hand crafted commercial fleet auto insurance covers your vehicles and drivers, and those that they could possibly harm or do damage too in the event of a crash or other accident. Company materials, tools, products, and other items that are in the vehicle will not be covered by fleet auto insurance as they need inland marine coverage. Services available in the great states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

For small business owners, the average annual cost of commercial vehicle insurance is $710 to $1,322 per vehicle. This varies based on use, mileage and coverage options chosen.

Fleet vehicles are groups of motor vehicles, trucks, vans, sedans and other power units owned or leased by a business.

A commercial fleet auto policy saves time as well as money and cuts down on much of the paperwork as you only have one master policy to renew usually on an annual basis. Just like regular commercial vehicle insurance, commercial fleet insurance is also split into auto liability, comprehensive cover, third party coverage, medical payments and cargo coverage.

We can customize a commercial auto policy to meet the needs of your company. We recommend that you be Progressive with you insurance and don’t settle for less. Call (888) 287-3449 now for your free quote and to learn more about your options for commercial fleet insurance coverage including high risk fleet insurance options.

We offer top shelf insurance companies with custom design fleet insurance for many types of commercial vehicles, including cars, minibuses, trucks and vans. If you need help with 1-5 unit commercial truck insurance please visit Big Rig Truck Insurance homepage.

We have been helping companies for over 3 decades with fleet insurance, general liability coverage and commercial property insurance. We would be happy to develop a custom proposal for you growing or large company needs for comparison to what you currently have.

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